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  • Where are hub pullers made?
    Hub Pullers were invented and patented in Northern Minnesota. They are made in America in North Dakota
  • I don't need a spacer. Can I order the large frame puller & pin and bushing without the spacer?
    Yes! The spacer is available if you need it. If you don't need the spacer - you can purchase just the hub puller with the pin and bushing.
  • Is this a safe product?
    Yes! This is the safest, easiest and quickest way to remove the hub from skid steers. Please visit my instructional video on You Tube.
  • I am not sure what I need. Who can I contact?
    Please contact Jerry Titera at 218-766-7357 or at with any questions you may have. I am the inventor of this product and am happy to help you with your questions!
  • What machines will the hub puller work on?
    The product, the Hub Puller, is a hub pulling device and method of use is provided that quickly and easily removes the hub from an axel of a skid steer on mid or large size models in the F, G and S series.
  • How does it work?
    The hub puller includes a circular quarter inch steel plate forming a flange with holes aligned to receive the lug bolts of the hub, a center bore centrally located within the plate allows the pin to be inserted.
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