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Making It Easier

The Hub Puller does just that, making it easier.  You can change the hub on a standard bobcat skidsteer in a fraction of the time.

Instead of wasting hours trying to pull the hubs off of your skidsteer, pick up The Hub Puller. It allows you to perform better and work harder in half the time.

Designed and machined to handle the rigors of the job in just minutes. Easy to use and construction that can't be beat. 


How Easy to Use

With cutting edge technology The Hub Puller will increase productivity by cutting down time to minutes. Allowing the average worker to perform general maintenance on a skidsteer with ease. Its hassle free, no additional equipment or tools required to operate.

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Patented Technology

   The Hub Puller includes: 1 Puller, 1 Pin and 1 Bushing 

   (bushing used for larger framed skidsteers) 


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  • "The fastest way I have seen to pull off a hub, it paid for it's self after three times."
    Sooland Bobcat in Sioux City, IA
  • "This tool saves at least an hour a job. I just wish I would of thought of it. All our stores are using it and love it too."
    Dean E
    Service Manager in Kalamozoo, Michigan
  • "This is an excellent product. It paid for itself the first time I used it. It saved 2-3 hours per job. It's the best specialty tool I have used in many, many years that does ..."
    Eric from Ranchers ATV & Tractor McNeil
    Satisfied fromTexas

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