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Quotes The fastest way I have seen to pull off a hub, it paid for it's self after three times. Quotes
Sooland Bobcat in Sioux City, IA

Quotes This tool saves at least an hour a job. I just wish I would of thought of it. All our stores are using it and love it too. Quotes
Dean E
Service Manager in Kalamozoo, Michigan

Quotes This is an excellent product. It paid for itself the first time I used it. It saved 2-3 hours per job. It's the best specialty tool I have used in many, many years that does what it says it does. Wish I would of thought of this on my own. This product is so simple and safe to use, a time and money saver, and well worth the cost. Thanks Hub Puller. Quotes
Eric from Ranchers ATV & Tractor McNeil
Satisfied fromTexas

Quotes I have made and tried many devices and different ways to remove hubs off Bobcats. I then decidd to purchase the Hub Puller from Hub Master Inc. This puller just made my job easier, it works ten times better than any way I tried in the past. It even takes the same size socket to remove the tire as the hub, I even tried it with an air wrench, ratchet, common hand tool and a rechargeable electric impact out in the field. It worked with all applications. It's a Great Tool for the money and time saved. Thanks Hub Master Inc Quotes
Satisfied Customer from Long Prairie Machinery

Quotes I was shocked to see this tool in the Farm Journal magazine I have always struggled to get the hubs off my Bobcats this tools works just like the video showed hub is off in minites!!!! Jack, Richmond MN Quotes
satisfied farmer

Quotes We were the first to try and purchase the Hub Puller. It is a must have for dealers and mechanic shops. It's so easy and fast to use and we will never go back to the way we use to do it. Quotes
Dave at Bobcat of Bemidji
Satisfied Customer

Quotes We have used the Hub Puller several times this week, it has paid for itself a couple times over. Quotes
Farm-Rite Equipment Inc.

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